Why Wings? Well, Why Not?

St Louis Wing Co. wingsWhen it comes to chicken wings, you know that we take great pride in finding new, innovative recipes and flavors to give you wings like no other. Our very own Chef Bobby Tessler uses his passion for food and his culinary know-how to create unique wings that turn traditional chicken wing preparation on its head.

But why do we only do chicken wings? Simply because Chef Bobby loves ‘em.

“I could have, with just as much effort, opened a full-service, upscale restaurant if I wanted to. However, after working as a chef in those places for so many years and seeing so many ups and downs, that just didn’t appeal to me as much as it used to,” said Chef Bobby. “That’s why I focus on one of my favorite comfort foods and make it excellent and unique. I can continue playing with food. as I’ve always done while knocking the socks off customers with fun and interesting new ideas for chicken wings.”

We think Chef Bobby is doing it right. He only uses the freshest ingredients to create a recipe that is entirely fresh, unexpected, yet delicious. You can go behind the sauce and check out Chef Bobby at work in his latest video here!

Until then, if you’re looking for something new to try, come down to St. Louis Wing Company and prepare to be amazed!

The Wing-Eating Contest Was a Huge Success!

Webster Groves wing eating contestThey came, they ate, they conquered – and we got to host! On March 15th, eager student athletes from Webster Groves High School came out to gear up for their upcoming seasons. We hosted a wing-eating contest for the Webster Groves baseball teams and girls’ soccer teams. Needless to say, it was a riot!

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, especially when it involves a wing-eating contest! In round one, the freshman baseball team took on the girls’ soccer team, coaches, and parents. After an intense few minutes of devouring wings smothered in our traditional hot sauce, the girls pulled out a win!

In the second round, the JV girls’ soccer team challenged the JV baseball team. It was a close call, but in the end the baseball team claimed victory as they rapidly inhaled the spicy chicken wings.

The last round of the night included the varsity girls’ soccer team and the varsity baseball team. The two teams were eager, but it seemed as though the varsity girls’ soccer team wanted it more, or they just had a bigger appetite!

Check it all out in our video!

We Are Pumping Up Webster Groves High School Athletes With a Wing-Eating Contest!

chicken wingsSpring is almost here, and teams everywhere in our local high schools are beginning to practice for their baseball, soccer, and volleyball seasons. St. Louis Wing Co. is getting in on the action by hosting a wing eating contest for Webster Groves High School’s baseball, soccer, and volleyball teams on Tuesday, March 15 at 6 p.m.!

Come out to see the athletes on Webster Groves High School’s teams compete against one another to see who can eat the most wings! We will be providing traditional hot wings to help these athletes get excited for their upcoming seasons. This event is open to the public, but come early because it’ll definitely be a packed house!

We hope to see you at Webster Groves High School on March 15!

Where Do We Get Our Ideas for Our Wings? Find Out Here!

inspiration for flavors


Have you ever wondered where we come up with our extraordinary flavors for our delicious wings? Wonder no more! Owner and Chef Bobby Tessler, who dreamed up St. Louis Wing Co., has been a fine dining chef his entire career and decided to come up with some cool, unexpected wing flavors. He makes it his mission to come up with creative recipes that you don’t normally see when it comes to chicken wings, and he does it by only using the freshest local ingredients.

So how does Chef Bobby come up with his ideas? His inspirations come from both customer requests and his past culinary experience. He will find interesting fruits and vegetables that are in season, glean interesting ideas that he’s seen on TV or the Internet, and recreate his own unique versions.

Oh, and if you didn’t already know, Chef Bobby likes his wings hot! He enjoys adding heat not only because it tastes good but also because many of our customers enjoy food that is spicy. He also enjoys making creative wings that stray from the traditional sense such as spinach artichoke dip turned into a wing sauce or a “Thanksgiving Dinner” on his chicken wings. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility when it comes to Chef Bobby and his wings!

If you haven’t tried St. Louis Wing Co.’s award-winning wings, what are you waiting for? Come in today to taste the difference!

Wow the Crowd With St. Louis Wing Company Wings at Your Next Special Event!

St. Louis Wing Co cateringGot a big business meeting comping up? Will you be hosting an open house event, a big party, or any other special corporate event anytime soon? While planning the event itself is definitely important, there’s one huge part that you need to pay special attention to – the food.

Make sure that you leave them speechless and wanting more by choosing St. Louis Wing Co. for your next big corporate event!

Why choose wings when you can play it safe with finger foods, sandwiches, and the typical ho-hum hors d’oeuvres out there? Because they’re better and people will enjoy them more, that’s why! Wings are an amazing comfort food, and we make it our mission to create excellent, out-of-the-box recipes that are guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers. Chef Bobby Tessler uses his knowledge of food and unique ingredients to come up with wings like you’ve never had before. How can you say no to various wing recipes such as coconut curry, spicy fresh jalapeño, and several other flavors?

Of course, you and your guests can chow down on our mouth-watering wings, but why stop there? Pique their interest with delicious appetizers including St. Louis-famous toasted ravioli and mozzarella sticks, which both come with our house Marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. Choose from a variety of sides including fries, sweet potato fries, salads, cole slaw, potato salad, and baked beans. Don’t forget dessert either – be sure to order a tray of our amazing cheesecake brownies or chocolate chip cookies (or both!) to sweeten the experience.

St. Louis is a great city full of many restaurants that specialize in wings, but they just can’t compete with our award-winning wings, which constantly knock the socks off locals and visitors year after year. Make sure that you get St. Louis Wing Co. to cater your next business event – we guarantee that it will be the talk of the town! Call (314) 962-9464 today for orders and more information!